Thanks To Little Heroes

Thanks to little Heroes for donating 1200 Easter Egg for both High Schools. KwaNtebeni and Thabela High. God Bless them.

2014 Leadership Camp

Spirit of Adventure:

September 2014 saw the youth workers take a group of learners to the Spirit of Adventure to teach them about leadership. This was a massively exciting outdoor experience, one that they can’t stop talking about. Some of their experiences –

By Skholiwe Mkhize, Grade 9:                                                                                                        

“The experience I had was super fabulous, it was a one in a million opportunity, and it was mind blowing. It was also very scary at first but as I started to feel more comfortable, it was fun. The scariest craziest thing I have ever had to in my life was to climb down a very huge wall, but I loved it! I got a chance to meet new people and get to know them better. Some of them even shared some interesting stories about their lives. Our team leaders taught us new methods on how to work well in team. I just wish that every day I could just go to spirit of adventure because it was so nice to bond with some learners of the other school. Wow! It was a crazy experience and I’m really grateful to all the dearest teachers who organised this wonderful day. I don’t have enough words to show how grateful I am”.

By Malinga Bhekithemba, Grade 8:

“I had a great experience when we went to Shongweni Dam. I got a chance to meet new people and get new friends. And got to do things that I never thought I will do in my life. I learnt that respect is very important in your life because you can’t go anywhere without it. I also had a chance to get to know challenges that other people are facing daily, so I know I am not alone”.

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… a creative afternoon of personal development for teachers

Teachers Workshop

Thanks to KwaNtebeni and Thabela High Schools for attending the teacher’s lunch and an inspirational talk by Jill Lawton (pastor and educational psychologist) on the power of the creative imagination which took place on the 24th of April 2015 at Hillside Café Voce. And Thanks to the sponsors of Ikusasalethu.

Here what the teachers have to say about the workshop:

Miss Shibula from Thabela High – “It was motivating and encouraging. We were so honoured to be invited in such a relaxation afternoon outside our work place. Not forgetting the refreshments!!! It was a Friday to be repeated”

Mrs Miya from Kwantebeni High Schoo- ” We will like to express our appreciation and sincere Thanks for  the good talk and lunch that we were offered by your NGO. We really enjoyed. God Bless”

lunch1 lunch3 lunch4 lunch2