Leadership Course

iKusasalethu commenced a few years ago with 20 learners from one school, that we took to Spirit of Adventure. We are delighted to announce that now, in 2018, we are planning on taking 100 students to the leadership course on 7 June. These students are from 4 different high schools, namely Thabela, Kwantebeni, Khabazela and Nqunqulu High, all from the valley of 1000 hills. You can partner with iKusasalethu by checking our website If you would like to assist more students to be involved in our programme, then please make a donation into our bank account – iKusasaLethu, Standard Bank, Hillcrest, Account No. 058 098 992. The total number of students across the schools that iKusasalethu is working with now totals 1038. We thank our faithful donors for continuing to support the programme, and making sure that more young lives are changed by iKusasalethu. Should you require more information, please call: 0317653080 Or e-mail:

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We just started our first youth clubs meetings at Thabela and KwaNtebeni High School, and God is drawing young people closer to Himself everyday as we proclaim the good news of the redemptive love of Christ.


We were blessed by Lindo Mthembu the Poet

Your love, My Father God

Your love changes sinners into ambassadors of your Kingdom,

Your love is a testimony of who you are,

Your love does not look at our status,

Your love create a new mindset,

Your love does not look at our past,

Your love does not give up,

Your love does not fail.



We praise God for the numerical growth of the Youth Clubs, we pray for the spiritual growth in the lives of students as they encounter God. bty

Happy Holidays




iKusasalethu & staff wish all students, members, volunteers, fundraisers and friends very happy holiday and best wishes for 2017! It has been a hectic, productive, and jam-packed year; one filled with both excitement and with sadness. For the last few days of the year, I hope that your holiday is filled with peace, family, and good times.

God Bless you all!!!

Sam Mtshali has just joined iKusasalethu Team

14712765_10154097483188251_4282634524833057766_oThis is Sam Mtshali a husband to Stacy Mtshali and  a father to Angel. Sam  has a degree (B.Th) from the Baptist Theological Seminary where he got an award for the most promising youth worker and he has been volunteering with the team and we would really love to bring him on board in the new year. Tell us about the importance of Youth clubs, Sam, and what you would like to do to add value to this team?

I am excited to be part of iKusasalethu team in changing lives of the youth in the country and bring hope in the lives of youth in school through education.

Young people in our country are facing a lot challenges, and they are crying out for help. some of the crisis they face are the result of their disadvantage  background, broken family and the father is absent which leads to lack of  identity in young person’s live. And because they don’t know who they are, often they try to find themselves through drugs and sleeping around with multiples partner which opens doors to all kind STD and HIV/AIDS. Therefore, the importance of youth club is to help restore the identity of young people in crisis, through the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip youth in the area of their gifting, having one on one discipleship. I believe part of the challenges we find ourselves in sometimes is because we don’t know who we are, whose we are  and what are we living for ?

What I’m here to offer is my experience in working with young people and creating youth clubs programme that are Christ-centred, and coming up with Christian based educational HIV/AIDS prevention programme which brings transformation to local young people who are threatened by the impact of HIV/AIDS. In our studies as youth worker, we are currently experiencing change in our youth culture. In the past young people use to come to church youth programmes but now young people no longer coming to church youth clubs. Most church are experiencing a decrease in the number of young people that comes to their youth club, part of the reasons why there is a decrease is that young people are bombarded with all kind of entertainment, and we live in a social-network orientated world, we have smartphone but the users are not smart. Lastly, we don’t know where to drew the line as young people. Therefore, the solution is to take our programmes to them and reach them where they are in the community and in school, working along with parents and teachers.


'Young People for change' is the Project which is under iKusasaLethu

Young People for change is the Project that is running in Embo by Lindo Mthembu every Saturdays.
“Protecting someone’s mind is to protect God’s seed”. We as Young People for Change we would like to thank Mr Price for playing a vital rote by sponsoring us with football soccer kits as well as T. shirts and swimming T.shirts.
Young People for Change had a fun day as you will see pictures, we also thank all participants for making that day, a day to remember. Some of the pictures are glimpses of what we do, we teach kids different things.
Your child is my child. Let us make a better place for our children.
By: Lindo Mthembu

Leadership Course 2016

We like to Thank all the donors who sponsored iKusasalethu to take 45 learners to the Spirit of Adventure. The learners we so excited, they’ve learned a lots about how to be good leaders and how to work together as the team. Thanks to the schools for allowing iKusasalethu to make this young lives to be the agent of change.





Learner's Leadership Course 2016

Ikusasalethu is taking 40 learners from KwaNtebeni and Thabela High School to the Leadership Course on the 26th of October 2016. Please Pray for our safety and the Perfect weather. Below is our previous Leadership course:

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Thank you for supporting iKusasalethu…


iKusasalethu Partnership Breakfast

iKusasalethu Partnership Breakfast

October 28 @ 7:30 am9:00 am


We would like to thank our amazing sponsors and demonstrate the difference their support has made this year. We would also love to involve new partners, so please feel free to invite friends and colleagues who would like to find out how they can facilitate change in the lives of young people living in the Valley of 1000 Hills.

Please RSVP (for catering) to John Whitfield on 083 265 7135 or to and indicate if you would prefer Banting option.



iKusasalethu updates

We super happy to be working with Kwantebeni and Thabela High schools because we feel that God has placed us there for the reason and He’s not done yet. We real enjoy what we are doing in these schools, changing liefs. We just finished an up grade of their assemble area for Thabela High school, where they hold prayer every mornings, it’s also work as a school hall when they have functions and when learners are relaxing during break-time. We also helped them to set up the school library for the learners to be able to learn how to read and also increase the culture of reading. The educators and pupil are very happy to be at school now, we just brought back that hope again. We will say the spirit is very high now and we are hoping for good results at the end of the year

School Library


Their New Landscaping


Also the school asked iKusasalethu to organise a prayer day for them. Just to pray for the school because they felt they’ve been attacked by the spirit of darkness for years. The prayer day was a success, we had number of learners who gave their lives to Jesus on that day. I will say they still show some commitment of the decision they took on that day, they attend the school Christian group every week which is lead by one of the teachers, we also have thee youth leader of hillside who sometimes attend that group in the school just to support the teacher whose leading it. We also saw the need to to organize bible for them, which we had people from church donated 10 new bibles for them, Zulu and English.

Prayer Day




We also choose potential leaders the ones that we work very close with,  we will love to take them to the leadership camp at Shongweni dam to the Spirit of Adventure again this year. Why, To strengthen their innate leadership gift, qualities and skills, so that they can have a positive influence in their families, home, school and communities when we are not there, and long after we have left the building! This creates great sustainability through developing self leadership and empowering them to take ownership for their action.

2014 Leadership Camp




We also run youth Clubs, when we teach learners to be creative and also to have fun together, making new friends during school Holidays

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We do teachers workshop as well. We invite professionally to people to give them an encouragement massage because we believe they also need to be encouraged with the work that the do so that they can be able to touch and change more liefs

Teacher’s workshop



Lindo Mthembu couch a soccer team in Embo every Saturdays, his team have recently won the cup. More young boys are coming to his team and they are growing in numbers. He’s not only coaching them, he teaches them about life too and how to behavior when you are young and growing up. He’s making them good leaders of tomorrow. He have different people coming to share with his boys, they also have zulu dance. He’s open for anyone who willing to come and share with his young boys or give them any skills

Soccer Team




Thank you all for supporting iKusasalethu. Please give one supporting us, we make a change. There’s more liefs to be touched to iKusasalethu.

God Bless all


Joe and the team




PBO registration and tax exemption

We are delighted that our application for income tax exemption has been approved by the Tax Exemption Unit, SARS. iKusasaLethu meets the requirements of a Public Benefit Organisation and is therefore able to issue tax receipts to donors (from July 1st 2015). For your reference our PBO registration number is 930049567. If you would like further documentation, please email

Well done, management teamIkusasa Board 2015lr