Our Future

Our Vision

To positively and significantly impact the lives and futures of marginalised young adolescents living in the Valley of a Thousand Hills; who are impoverished and vulnerable to sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS and violence. This is done by building and developing the knowledge-base of young people, their values and attitudes, self-confidence and personal competence; to empower them to make informed, assertive and responsible decisions in order to take intentional and appropriate actions for their lives. For a more detailed outline of our Aims and Objectives CLICK HERE

Our Plan of Action

  • Implement the school-based curriculum in 2 hour classroom sessions once a week for the duration of the full school year. This process will be facilitated and taught by youth workers during the Life Orientation subject slot – using interactive methodology, group work and discussions, projects and worksheets.
  • Facilitate an extra-curricular programme to reinforce the classroom programme, including youth clubs, bi-annual holiday clubs and a leadership development programme.
  • Youth workers and parent workers to offer ongoing counselling, guidance and support to children who request such interaction; or children who are faced with sensitive and difficult issues / situations. This would take the form of informal individual mentoring sessions.
  • Parent workers to extend ongoing support and counselling to family structures; and facilitate supplementary workshops with parents on relevant issues.