PBO registration and tax exemption

We are delighted that our application for income tax exemption has been approved by the Tax Exemption Unit, SARS. iKusasaLethu meets the requirements of a Public Benefit Organisation and is therefore able to issue tax receipts to donors (from July 1st 2015). For your reference our PBO registration number is 930049567. If you would like further documentation, please email wendy@walkersmith.co.za

Well done, management teamIkusasa Board 2015lr

Joe’s Blog

We are excited about 2015 and we are happy that iKusasalethu is moving forward. We pleased to be adding another grade in KwaNtebeni High School, which is grade 9 and we also welcome Lindo Mthembu from Hillcrest, Embo onto the team. Lindo will assist Sipho at KwaNtebeni High school. Joe and Sipho are doing grade 9’s and Nothi and Lindo are doing grade 8’s. In addition to teaching, the team is committed to visit parents more regularly, to get to know their backgrounds. This is will be the platform for encouragement and to assess how learners and their families can be supported.

Last year we took a group of learners to the Spirit of Adventure to teach them more about leadership. And this year we are planning to facilitate two one-day holiday clubs mid-year. The first will be for all the grade 8s, and the second for all the grade 9s. These will be held in the community hall in Botha’s Hill. Our plans also include afternoon motivational workshops for relevant teachers from both high schools. It is hoped that two such workshops will be facilitated each year. The aim of such workshops will be to encourage and support teachers. 

Thanks to the team and iKusasalethu donors. We know we can’t change everyone, but we are doing everything we can to positively influence and change one learner at a time. The learners really enjoy the existence of our NGO because it helps them in a lot of different aspect of their lives.

Thanks from Joe and the team